BPM Exclusive Interview Hello My Name Is: Savoy


Hello My Name is… Michael Kelly, drummer from SAVOY (pictured far left).

I was raised in? the hamlet of Armonk, NY.

The reason your are reading about me is? It probably has something to do with our electronic rock band Savoy because we are putting out our new album Self Predator and we’re going out on tour in January. I play live drums at our shows and coproduce our music.

Right now I’m working on? the distortion on the bass on an untitled song for our upcoming album “Self Predator”.

The first thing I do in the morning? brew up a fresh pot. French press or espresso.

The last thing I do at night is? envision myself sleeping from my ceiling so I can practice lucid dreaming. Hasn’t really worked too well.

Momma always said? make good decisions.

I love it when people? dance at our shows. It sounds a little self absorbed but its pretty cool when you work on something in a little apartment for so long and then see its powerful effect on a large audience.

I hate when people? chew really loudly.

If you ever see me walking down the street? say hi. Sometimes people tweet that they see us walking around Brooklyn and thats a little creepy.

My most notable run in with the law? Can’t say because I was never caught.

If I had to say ?Sorry? it could be because I? I’m from New York and sarcasm isn’t received too well in other places. I’m a friendly guy so I never intentionally speak badly about anybody.

Yo, you see this scar, I got this when I? was bitten by a dog while breaking up a dog fight. Michael Vick wasn’t involved.

The last time I swore I’d never drink again was when? wait…I’ve never said that.

Future projects and plans? We are putting a lot of time and thought into our newest album and the following “Get Lazer’d tour” so hopefully cool things will naturally come from that experience.

And before I leave I’d like to give a shout out to? our fans. They are a very committed, supportive, and excited crew that knows how to have a good time. That isn’t always easy to find.



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