5 Reasons Why 2014 Is Going To Be A Pivotal Year For EDM


Diplo predicted the blurring of genre lines at the beginning of 2013, and now as the year draws to a close, the EDM community is in a completely different place than it was a year ago. From promoter acquisitions to the EDM-ification of FM radio to Spotify, 2013 definitely changed the game. Here’s 5 reasons why 2014 is going to be a year of even greater dance-evolution.

5. Genres Are Over So Everything is Cool


Now that every sub-genre has folded into the others, in order to push the envelop on electro-deep-house-bass-step, you really have to start coming up with your own genre-adjectives to describe what a piece of music sounds like. But the great news is that means anything can be cool if you say so! For example, this Past Life Billionaires holiday mix is some of what new-new we like to call West Texas Space Trap – that’s the level we’re going to be stepping up to in describing music this new year.

4. Promoter Acquisitions By Live Nation and SFX Mean More Boundary-Pushing Events


When HARD’s Gary Richards announced the creation of an all new festival featuring a lineup of exclusively female DJs, we realized we’re entering the dawn of a new era. SFX is Mysteryland to the original Woodstock property in New York, Tomorrowworld kicked off it’s first year in Georgia this year – it’s commercialization, but it’s also evolution. Because of the big money companies like Live Nation and SFX bring to the table, promoters can now take more risks to produce boundary-pushing events and curate lineups that are really unique. Our community is making the idea of ‘selling out’ work in our favor.

3. The Year Of The Ratchet Is Over – Now PLUR Can Grow Up


I’d like to push a formal motion in 2014 – I vote that we retire the word ratchet and leave it where it belongs, back in 2013…forever. It was a great word, and we needed it to describe what’s been happening in our scene. But now, we as individuals are growing up and so is our community – may the ratchetry turn down this year and PLUR blossom in it’s place.

2. FM Radio Has Broken Wide Open


Diplo led the FM radio infiltration in Los Angeles after landing a Diplo ‘N Friends Friday night radio spot on LA’s 98.7 (rumor has it he got the gig after meeting the program director in a yoga class at Summit Series) and now even Pete Tong can be heard on Boston’s Evolution Radio. LA’s KROQ is playing mixes and mash-ups of rock remixes, interviewing Dillon Francis on the air – the revolution will be broadcast.

1. The Fans Have All The Power Now


Dance culture in the United States had to crawl out from under a massive rock to reach the mainstream sunshine, that was no small feat and it was entirely fan driven. It’s hard to believe that at one point Insomniac was throwing EDC for less than 1,000 people back in the mid-90’s – it took an army of loyal, dedicated fans participating in the culture over many years to get to the level we’re at now. So just remember – we, the fans, decide what is cool and relevant and our taste drives the experience artists and promoters provide us with. Find what you love and share it, invite everyone you love to be a part of it and keep the power in our hands – this year and for always. Peace – Love – Unity – Respect – and happy new year!!

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