10 EDM Artists That Belong On Your Halloween Playlist


Halloween is a upon us and, perhaps like many, you feel grossly underprepared. Never fear, at least your party music is taken care of courtesy of The BPM Network – here’s 10 artists you must include to complete your Halloween mix this year.

10. Bones


LA’s resident DJ golden boy makes a much-anticipated Halloween mix every year for Gotta Dance Dirty for free download. Bones nailed this 30 minute mix venturing deeper into harder, heavier tech sounds – don’t be scared, enjoy.

9. Bassnectar


Here’s an artist whose haunting vibes emanate year round and creep out of almost every release. Put on your space suit and let Bassnectar ‘Take You Down’ with the latest edit of his own original track or his remix of Nina Simone’s classic, ‘Feeling Good’. Both are perfect Halloween mix fodder inviting a grand entrance for your epic costume.

8. Kavinsky


French electro god Kavinsky has the Halloween vibe oozing out of his music and brand 365 days a year. His track ‘Odd Look’ featuring The Weeknd is totally worthy of making it onto your Halloween mix, see for yourself.

7. Mim0sa


Two Halloweens ago Mim0sa gave birth to a perfect Halloween remix with his take on ‘I Put A Spell On You’. Be sure to include this one to take your mix to a more sexual level, it’s a free download so you really have no excuse.

6. Whiiite


Last year Whiiite remixed the Nightmare Before Christmas theme ‘This is Halloween’ and it quickly became a staple for any Halloween mix. His dubstep version works perfectly with the iconic original vocals making for an utterly seamless bootleg.

5. Cazzette


Cazzette’s remix of The Shining theme joined the ranks of Halloween remix must-haves upon its release in 2011. Complete with the classic ‘Here’s Johnny’ movie dialogue and creepy original interludes, it’s the perfect song put on when hacking a loved one to death with an ax.

4. deadmau5


Even his Twitter info used to say it all, ‘ballin’ since Ghosts n’ Stuff’ and it’s true. The song debuted at his legendary 2008 performance at the Los Angeles HARD Haunted Mansion where the track was dropped for the very first time and the real mau5 was forced to murder and imposter mau5 and resume control of the dancefloor.

3. Savant


The Norwegian true Savant pumps out thousands of songs every year, all of which are admittedly a little spooky. Your biggest problem with this artist will be narrowing down which of his tracks to include – we have a few suggestions below.

2. Figure


Every year Figure presents his Monsters of Drumstep series, we’re already clocking in Volume 4 here in 2013.


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