(Free Download) Felix Cartal’s “After Dark” Gets The Heavy Remix Treatment By Aire Atlantica + More

Everyone loves free music, especially if it’s the kind that makes you jump around and get sweaty. Luckily, Dim Mak is giving exactly that away for free. Felix Cartal is one of Dim Mak’s leading men, releasing consistent hit filled EPs to fuel the masses. His eclectic mix of emotion and hard hitting Electro House make him an ever changing artist, constantly pushing his sound forward. His track “After Dark” is getting the remix treatment from a number of artists including Caveat, Ex Boyfriend, Andy Dixon, Expendable Youth & Krusha, and Aire Atlantica. The latter’s remix is being released for free in anticipation of the full remix pack that’s coming out today (September 10th). Listen and download below for free and, if you’re so inclined, there are links to the full pack below.

After Dark (Remixes)

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