Watch Afrojack’s 2 Hour Set At Creamfield Thanks To Guetta’s Plane Delay

Creamfields had a fortunate mixup occur during Afrojack’s set thanks to a technical malfunction with Guetta’s plane that he was taking to the festival. The complete two hour set turned into one for the books and allowed Afrojack to marinate the crowd more, showcasing his undeniable DJ skills. Many don’t know this about Afrojack, but he started as a resident DJ in his Dutch homeland and in Greece where he learned all the skills he clearly exhibits in this video. It’s rare to have someone as talented a producer as Nick van de Wall, aka Afrojack, and also be a great DJ. These skills are only learned with years of practice and are incredibly difficult to master. There’s a reason why he’s paid the big bucks. Hit play and and enjoy the set without having to pay the cost of admission.

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