EDC Discovery Project Winner Modus Talks Tech House, EDC, & Much More

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For the people who don’t know you, can you describe who you are and your style?

I am an avid music lover and electronic music enthusiast.  Techno and Tech House are on my mind all day.  My style is very upbeat and with a driving rhythm.  I love rolling bass lines and long transitions.


How long have you been producing music? What is it about tech house that’s so attractive to you as a producer and DJ?

I’ve been producing for about 3 years now.  I love the energy and groove of tech house.  It’s smooth and fluid.  I’ve always liked Tech House ever since living in Barcelona.  I’ve tried making different styles of music before, but I always revert back to tech house.


You’re based in LA correct? It seems that the Tech House and Deep House scenes are bubbling right underneath the surface with clubs prominently featuring that style of music. Why do you think that is?

Yes, I am based out of LA.  I feel like tech house, techno, and deep house is a “new” sound right now for people in Los Angeles.  I discovered it while living in Barcelona in 2007.  When I came back, not many of my friends liked the sound.  Most people were still into Trance or Progressive.  Now, the majority of my friends are into it.  Tastes evolve and right now is a great time for Tech House/Techno and my music.


Your productions span from remixing popular bigger room electro bangers like Nari & Milani’s “Atom” to some really great, unreleased originals. What is it that you always try to bring when producing a track? There seems to be a distinct emphasis on a consistent and funky groove throughout.

First and foremost, I always bring a solid kick and a thick bassline.  These two elements, respectively, are the heart and soul of my music. When I am at a show, I prefer less synths and clutter and just want to tune in on the kick, bass, and beat.  I try to recreate that in my tracks.

Tell us a little about some of the gigs you have coming up/have done, especially the Splash House Palm Springs gig you recently played?

Wow, Splash House was a whirlwind.  The Saguaro hotel’s set up was perfect for the event.   The weather couldn’t have been better and all the DJs were on point.  The crowd was great and receptive to my style of tech-house, which I think is perfect poolside music.  I always like bringing a different elements to my shows and introducing the crowd to new music.  My next big show is August 22nd at Vessel in San Francisco opening up for Jesse Rose.  Jesse is an incredible artist and I’ve always been a fan.  It’s an honor to open up for him and all my friends in SF have told me great things about Vessel.  I am very grateful for this opportunity and hope to give one hell of a show.

How do you normally approach your sets? Is it just a matter of reading the crowd and gauging what it is that they’re going for or do you go in with a good idea of what you’re going to play?

Sometimes I like to plan the first few tracks that I’m going to play, but the truth is that I never play those tracks.  I show up to the venue, see the crowd, and hear what the opening DJ is playing and instantly want to start off differently.  It’s always about reading the crowd.  I usually do have a handful of tracks that I know will for sure get played in my sets.  Those are my favorite at the time and get played regularly. Songs I play are also based on what style of gig I’m playing.  For example, certain tracks I dropped at EDC would not fit the vibe at Splash House.  I will do research ahead of time on the artist I’m opening for, the history of the venue, and whatever other information I can find out about the show.  This will help me when I’m practicing and buying new tracks.


What was it like playing EDC and winning their Discovery project? That’s a huge nod of approval for you.

Not to be dramatic, but this was a life changing moment.  I had been producing for some while and never had much support from the music blogs.  This was a huge sign that I was on the right track and I was fortunate that sounds impressed a few people at Insomniac.  I was also pleased because I write music that I like and music that I would want to hear at raves/events, not what I think other people will like or want to hear.

Furthermore, playing EDC New York and Las Vegas were incredible experiences.  I couldn’t believe it actually happened.  In fact, it took a while for it to hit me that I was actually playing the event.  It was all very surreal.  But I’m not going to stop there.  I still have a long road ahead and a lot more hours of practice, work, and producing.
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Lastly, what are your plans for the rest of the year? What new work we can expect?

For the rest of the year I plan to produce as much music as I can and play as many shows as I can.  I would like to put records out with the larger labels and aspire to keep playing bigger shows and festivals.  But I know this all starts in my studio with the music I make.


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