Dj R3hab & Diplo Remix Twerk Anthem “Express Yourself” Into Trap Banger

Not only is this cat the cover art that was uploaded with DJ R3hab’s collaborative “Express Yourself” remix with Diplo, but they turned the twerk anthem into a full on Trap banger. Most probably don’t remember this, but this isn’t the first time R3hab has tried his hand at making a trap tune¬†and could spell out something for the Electro wizard’s future. Either way, if you thought the original would make the ladies get ratchet, think again, because it was just one upped. It seems like R3hab randomly uploaded it to Soundcloud with no details other than the fact that it’s a new tune with Diplo. No matter what, we’re happy for it and can’t wait to add this gem to our music chest.

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