Aoki, Angello, Buuren, & Harris Breakdown Dance Music & Vegas [Videos]

Forbes just released a slew of videos profiling the rise of Dance Music in Las Vegas and talked with many of the big name DJs to get their take on the current tidal wave of interest. Forbes didn’t stop there and also sat down with Neil Moffitt, the CEO of the mega MGM club Hakkasan, about the economics of the current situation and how the clubs are currently at the mercy of the DJs. Moffitt openly admits that the current trend of “DJs as superstar attractions” will only continue¬†if they can continue to gain support from the mainstream with hit records. Las Vegas sees Dance Music simply as an investment, which should come as no surprise to anyone. However, it’s taken a once underground type of music and given it a very public international platform for people around the world to see both big and smaller artists. It also gives those artists a handsome, regularly recurring paycheck, which is always hard to come by. See for yourself what Aoki, Angello, Harris, and Buuren have to say about the state of Dance in the Vegas.

Steve Aoki

Steve Angello

Armin van Buuren

Calvin Harris

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