Rapper Eminem & Vanic Go Into New Territory With ?The Last Stand?


Back in 2002, director Curtis Hanson read a script written by Scott Silver about an up-and-coming white rapper living on the fringes of poverty in a trailer park in Detroit Michigan. At the same time the white rapper Eminem was committing feats of lyrical wizardry that defied the laws of language and social respectability. Hanson took a risk; he cast Eminem as the lead and the world held its breath. The risk paid off. What we have now is a penultimate scene where Rabbit, played by Eminem, ignites the dance floor with a scorching lyrical sequence. If you watched the film in the theater at the time, chances are good you were bouncing in your seat and throwing your hands up with the rest of the crowd.

11 years after the film’s debut, Vanic, an up-and-comer from Vancouver Canada, has recreated ?The Last Stand? scene, updating the rap battle by using all the electronic resources of modern dance music. By pulling out the lyrics and the defining loop of the track and importing a massive glitch hop bassline, Vanic accentuates the triumphant mood of the scene. It’s a homage to that moment in Hip Hop history where Rap expanded its voice beyond that of racial struggle and suddenly represented a larger struggle for class equality. Vanic takes us back and leaves us in a more celebratory mood. The dance floor is really the only place where all those struggles are checked at the door, and music is the major unifier.

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