W&W Will Blow Your Minds With Preview Of “Thunder”

If you weren’t already familiar, W&W are the next stars of Trance and that’s not even our opinion, it’s this guy Armin van Buuren’s.  Supposedly he’s a leading expert on the topic given his number one ranking in the DJ Mag poll and his legion of adoring trance fans worldwide.  We recently saw them play Exchange LA and were completely blown away with what we heard.  While the word Trance may conjure images of light melodic ballads with soft female vocals, that couldn’t be more wrong.  Today’s Trance is made up of hard drops off of great harmonies with huge kicks and all the energy of some of the best electro tracks.  Take, for example, their new song “Thunder” perfectly demonstrates the type of music W&W plays.  It’s festival music with a melodic slant; it’s part Progressive House, part Electro, and part Trance all mashed together in this great package that almost anyone can enjoy.  After the extreme success of their track with Ummett Ozcan called “The Code”, we have high expectations for this track when it’s released May 20th on Armada.

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