Swiss American Federation “Don’t Let Go” (Vena Cava Remix) Video by Freddie Wong

What happens when you have a killer track who’s vocalist’s big brother just happens to be one of  YouTube’s biggest stars? Well you get big bro to make a video.

Swiss American Federation found vocalist Jimmy Wong through his own YouTube channel where he’s known for quirky covers of pop songs. They enlisted him for the uplifting vocals on their latest prog house cut, “Don’t Let Go”.

Vena Cava, an eighteen year old up and coming electro and bass producer out of Ohio dropped some complextro flavor on the remix. Together, S.A.F., along with Jimmy and his big brother Freddie Wong decided to put together a video to it. Freddie is well known (to the tune of 5 million subscribers!!) for his Video Game High School series on YouTube and his crazy special effects laden spoof videos usually involving that internet meme staple – cats.

True to form Freddie has crafted an entertaining clip featuring “The Last Cat on Earth”. We’ve been assured no humans were actually harmed in this video.

Free download here

Swiss American Federation YouTube

Vena Cava YouTube

Jimmy Wong YouTube



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