Swedish House Mafia Goes Fishing, Visits A Lighthouse, & More Randomness In New Video

We’ll start off by saying if you’re looking for an explanation for the above video, we have nothing for you.  Anyone who listens to Dance Music knows the track “Leave The World Behind.”  It’s a seminal piece of House music history that is guaranteed strike a chord and induce an instant crowd sing-a-long.  The Swedes have taken the classic and created an emotional ballad out of the song, with guest vocals by Lune.  The video is immaculately shot but leaves us wondering why and wanting more.  We can only assume more will be revealed soon because as of right now we’re left asking ourselves why go through all the trouble to shoot this beautiful, albeit seemingly pointless, video.  In the meantime, enjoy the slowed down cover and the interesting visuals until we find out more from this puzzling video.

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