Michael Brun’s Remix of Dirty South & Joe Gil’s “Your Heart” Will Pluck At Your Heartstrings

This Michael Brun remix of Dirty South’s “Your Heart”  is everything you would want from a re-imagined Dirty South track.  Although only a preview, you definitely get the sentimentality from the track’s chord progressions and melody.  To put it simply – it’s epic.  If you’re a Dirty South fan, you’ll recognize the name as one half of the creators of his equally amazing song “The Rift” that was released a few months ago.  It’s clear Brun has a talent for chords that pluck at your heartstrings and evoke powerful emotions.  That’s a rare gift and we can’t to see him continue to share his abilities with everyone when this track is finally released.  No word yet on a release but expect it out on none other than Dirty South’s Phazing label.

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