Knife Party’s New “Haunted House” EP Can Be Described In One Word: Yes!

Knife Party’s new EP “Haunted House” can be summed up in one word: Yes.  Yes, this is a new Knife Party EP.  Yes, it’s as good as you want it to be.  Yes, it has a VIP remix of “Internet Friends”.  Yes, it will hit you in the face and pummel you into a unrelenting dancing frenzy.  Yes, yes, yes.  Thank god for this England based production duo because they do Electronic music the way we wish all artists did: fucking good.  We’re partial to their track “LRAD” with the ridiculous drop, ala Sandro Silva’s “Epic”, but the reality is you can hit play on any of these tracks and be immediately grabbed.  Expect to hear all of these songs played out over the coming months as festival season and Summer go into overdrive.  We’re sure these sound even better when played in front of thousands of screaming fans ready to dance the night away, but until then, your headphones will have to do.

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