DJ Falcon Talks Daft Punk’s Beginnings, French Dance Music History, & Much More In The Collaborators Episode

DJ Falcon is a longtime Daft Punk friend and collaborator and his explanation of the revolutionary duo is best put with the his last line in this video, “they never disappoint.”  That may seem like an innocuous statement to most but actually is quite profound.  In this world where mediocrity and same-ness is celebrated, Daft Punk continue to push the boundaries of what to expect by creating something new.  The most amazing part is that they don’t even have to.  Falcon even says that they could easily make the same type of music that made them successful without a problem and no one would question them.  However, their own artistic credibility couldn’t allow for such a transgression.

Falcon is the only one in the creative series that can taught a lifetime relationship with the robotic duo and it’s clear from the beginning they always thought differently about what it is they were making and doing.  Get a glimpse into the minds of early French electronic music, Daft Punk’s start, and much more in DJ Falcon’s episode of The Collaborators series.

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