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You know you have a lot in common with artists when they answer your questions the same way you would. Sebastian Furrer, Alexander Björklund, (aka the Swedish duo that make up Cazzette) and I must basically be the same people (besides, you know, traveling around the world and impressing every venue/crowd they grace).

Their smash hit, “Beam Me Up” debuted on iTunes in the beginning of May and has gone on to a #1 heavy rotation, moving up to #6 on the iTunes Dance Chart. Alongside their original tracks, they are also master remixers, releasing a massively successful Trap version of Avicii’s ‘Alcoholic’.

Cazzette were recently in California road tripping from San Francisco to San Diego, before their final stop in Los Angeles. On Friday, before they left Los Angeles to play Chicago’s very first EDC, BPM had the chance to sit down in their Redbury Hotel suite to ask them about their trip, music, and a glimpse into their future plans.


What’s been the highlight of the whole road trip?

Sebastian: The whole road trip has been fun. When you’re sitting in a car for eight hours, you don’t have a choice, you have to just make something fun out of it. We did some impressions and funny things we took on Vine.

Did you stop at any weird locations on the road?

Alexander: No, not really. We’ve been doing radio interviews along the way. It’s a road trip PR tour, so we’re having about ten interviews everyday. There’s not a lot of time to get out of the car, so we couldn’t stop where we wanted to stop. Basically, it’s just emergency bathroom, food, and gas.

So has any part of this road trip been meant for studio time? I saw you tweet out to Clockwork about possibly making some connection.

Sebastian: We’ve been talking to him about a collaboration, but it’s just talk so far. We haven’t had time to hit him up anyways, but we’re always open to work with people. It’s just a matter of finding the time between the interviews. I barely had time to go to the movies last night.

What movie was it? And what did you think about it?

Sebastian: The Great Gatsby. It was musically awesome and the soundtrack was really cool. They have like Jay-Z and all newer kinds of music in it, house music too.

You played at Ruby Skye and Hard Rock San Diego this week, what have been some standout tracks that get the crowd going?

Alexander: I think our new collaboration with Kryder, it’s a little more techy, maybe sexy and progressive are better terms for it. We’re testing that out right now to see what we can improve. Other than that, “Beam Me Up” always gets a good response.

Sebastian: Also “I Surrender” gets a better reaction every time it gets played.

Do you have a plan for your sets?

Alexander: Somewhat. We have our tracks that we can’t really do a two-hour set without playing – like “Beam Me Up” – and other remixes as well. If people go to a Cazzette show they want to hear Cazzette music, so we try to play as much of our own stuff as possible. But you always have to feel the room, like if you’re at a pool party you have to change up the set a little bit.

Is there a difference between what you guys listen to personally versus what you play at a show?

Sebastian: Oh yeah. We have Spotify in our phones so when we’re traveling we’re always listening to stuff. It’s from Oasis and Coldplay to Lana del Rey and Bob Marley.

“Beam Me Up” has been a hit for so long, from the beginning and then again with the music video. What do you think has made it such a lasting song?

Alexander: I think just the way we worked on the track. We started with the instrumental version almost two years ago, playing it at our shows and even without the vocals it played fantastic. So we knew it was going to work with vocals. First the rips of the song, then the music video changed everything, it got an official release with Def Jam. It’s been taking time to make it that good but it worked for us to keep it rising the whole way.

Sebastian: And of course the Star Trek trailer.

When you compare your Beatport listing to your Spotify releases, you see a lot of remixes. Are remixes more of your focus or do you prefer to work on original work?

Sebastian: We’re planning on putting our original content out on Beatport soon, but with the Spotify thing we tried to see how it worked out, then after that put it out on different platforms like Beatport, iTunes, etc.

How do you think the Spotify partnership has worked?

Alexander: Great. It’s really cool being a part of that; it was such a unique deal. We could break our releases into smaller parts and the way we could communicate with our fans was amazing.

The remix you two did of Avicii’s “Alcoholic” is a massive tune. What made you decide to remix that song?

Sebastian: It’s a funny story. We were in the U.S. and I was listening to the original because I really love it and it struck me like “Oh this would work as a trap version”. The middle of the song really fits well in a trap version so I asked Ash (Pournouri) for the stems so we could try it out. So when we got the files it was like boom. We actually made that track a long time ago before Trap was exploding, so when Trap exploded we thought, “Oh, we should release this.”

Festival season is coming up and you’re heading to EDC Chicago today, can we expect any upcoming releases from you two?

Alexander: We’re putting our album “Eject” out on iTunes soon, because it’s signed to Def Jam. I think the next thing is making our songs more widely available. On the iTunes release, there’s going to be a bonus track exclusively. We’re really looking forward to that. Other than that, we don’t stop working. We have so much material, it’s about finding the time to finish tracks on the road. If we can get lucky and find time, we’ll have some new stuff soon.

Is there a DJ or artist who’s inspired your recent work?

Alexander: Not really, rather than listening to the EDM Top 10, we try to find inspiration on the stuff that’s not on Beatport. Trying to find cool elements in hip-hop or something to make it more interesting.

Sebastian: Kanye West is a huge inspiration when it comes to beats. How he works with production in general. Actually, Skrillex is a fairly big inspiration because he’s an incredible producer who’s very creative. He can make hard Dubstep and make it still groovy. Also, The XX and Ratatat.

Is there any artist we should be on the look out for? Someone you know that not enough people know about?

Sebastian: Yeah, Morten Breum. He has some really, really good tracks. Actually we just got one of his singles that’s going to be released soon and we’re in love.

Finally, what has been your experience playing in the U.S.A. vs. playing abroad?

Alexander: We haven’t been playing that much in Europe, like we haven’t done a proper tour, so it’s hard to compare. It seems the crowd in Europe is a little more educated when it comes to House music because it’s been around longer. They don’t necessarily crave the typical EDM sound going on over here, with all the energy and heavy drops. They enjoy a little techier, deep sound in Europe.

Great! Thanks for your time and good luck at EDC Chicago!

Cazzette: Thanks! Take care.

Special thanks to Cazzette for the time and Caroline Stegner from D. Baron Media Relations for coordinating

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