Axwell Wants To You To Find The Party In New Interactive Video

Before we even explain how this works, make sure you have a Chrome browser open or that you’re reading this in Chrome.  For whatever reason, this interactive video only works there.  Besides that minor obstacle, this new Axwell – Carlsberg music video ad experience is a really cool idea.  They’ve managed to create a fun way to interact with video while both watching and listening.  Oddly enough, I found myself way more aware of the video because of its interactive capabilities.

The backstory here is that Carlsberg has launched a campaign around the slogan “Where’s the party” and Axwell has signed up to help everyone find it.  This interactive video shows off Axwell’s new single “Center Of The Universe” and the video is a prequel to the official music video that will be out on May 21st.  The video follows a man trying to, what else, find the party.  Along the way he meets friends and explores his city.  Experience the entire thing for yourself (with a Chrome browser) at the website  It’s a phenomenal way to experience something different and if you manage to get enough of the Carlsberg tokens, you’ll be treated to an exclusive Axwell documentary about the new track and his budding partnership with this global beer company.  We think you’ll definitely get a kick out of it.

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