Ain’t No Party Like An A-Trak Party In This Webster Hall Recap Vid

We’re willing to take the stance that A-Trak is one of the best DJs in the world.  Period, end of story.  He owns Fool’s Gold records.  He’s responsible for some of the biggest crossover dance records in the past two years (*cough Barbra Streisand cough*).  He’s a phenomenal DJ.  And he’s funny as hell.  He can also rock a crowd like no one’s business.  We’d like to submit his recent Webster Hall recap vid as evidence of the latter.  He is a DJ’s DJ, through and through, mixing genres while seamlessly transitioning from song to song with his amazing cutting skills.  Like we said, one of the best in the world.  We’re a little jealous we weren’t there and we’re guessing you will be too after watching.  Enjoy.

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