Tiësto, Quintino & Alvaro “United” (Ultra Music Festival Anthem)

One listen to “United” by Tiesto, Quintino, and Alvaro, and you’ll immediately know why Ultra Music Festival (UMF) chose it as their official anthem.  UMF is right around the corner and they’re boasting one of the biggest line-ups to ever grace their legendary stage(s). Also, this time around it takes over Miami for two full, music-filled weekends.  Their new anthem “United” is an epic tune that will only be at home in front of thousands of screaming ravers.  You can definitely expect to hear it many times in the coming months as the festival season starts to pick up.  This song screams rage your face off.  Luckily, you can grab it from iTunes now so you’ll have something to hold you over until UMF blows you away.

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