Goldroom Live, Ghost Beach, and Viceroy at Dim Mak Studios

Last Tuesday, Goldroom, the groovy Nom de Guerre of Josh Legg, debuted his live act at Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood to a capacity crowd. Supporting him was Ghost Beach, who delivered a dance floor igniting DJ set, and the summertime music master Viceroy, who took us all home with goody bags full of positive vibes.

On drums for Goldroom is Beno Walt. Known for his ethereal DJ mixes released through Vitalic Noise, Beno’s enthusiasm for the project led to a masterful live interpretation Goldroom’s familiar Nu-Disco electronic backbeat. The gorgeous Mereki Beach caressed the keys and offered her vocals for many of the songs, including ?Sweetness Alive?. Legg plays guitar and keys, and his seductive voice seems to be a perfect match for the emotive tones of his tracks. It was refreshing to hear live versions of the tracks. Mereki Beach is stunning, and her performance alongside Josh was fluid and practiced. The experience felt organic and the tracks lost nothing in the way of groove-ability. As the live performance moves to South by Southwest in a few weeks, I imagine nothing but great responses.

Viceroy has a lot to celebrate as of late, too. The recent release of his Montell Jordan’s ?This is How We Do it? remix has spun around the world’s dance floors in record time, and even prompted a positive response by Montell Jordan himself. He started his set with this remix, capitalizing on the energy Goldroom had created, and worked through the classics. By the time he dropped ?Dream of Bombay? featuring Chela, the dance floor had already fallen in love.

If you are headed to SxSW, be sure to look these guys up. Ghost Beach, Viceroy, and Goldroom provide a much-needed antidote to the heavy pill of massive Electro House bangers that consume so much of our playlists. They’ll be happy to see you, and you may even make some new friends.

Lee Underwood will also be at SxSW. Follow him on Twitter @Lee_Underwood_ for more updates about the crazy events from that week.

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