Forget Daft Punk’s New Album, See Them Unmasked & 20 Years Younger

There’s so much hype around the new Daft Punk album, we’re not even going to tell you when it’s coming out (everyone else already has).  But, looking back about 20 years or so, we dug up this little video which clearly shows how freakin’ awesome Guy Manuel’s skills really are (and he’s just one half of Daft Punk!).  Shout out to the dude with the shaved head in the background, he’s so cool he barely moves the whole time.

Step aside David Guetta – it’s time for two OG’s from France to once again cross EDM over to mainstream American house wives.  We’re just wondering how many hip-hop collaborations we can expect from their new album?  Flo-Rida anyone?  Meanwhile, check out some more “un-masked” pics of the epic robotic duo on this little tumblr.

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