deadmau5 & Imogen Heap “Telemiscommunications” (Music Video)

Leave it to deadmau5 to totally do his own thing.  The king of zero fucks given just released the new video for his track “Telemiscommunications” with Imogen Heap and it’s definitely something new.  A few months ago the mau5 put out a call to all his animator mau5keteers to help him create this music video by splitting the video into many small segments.  The four minute and 15 second video is comprised of numerous clips of different animations that all string seamlessly together, telling the story of a stranded businessman attempting to connect (both digitally and emotionally) with his spouse.  It’s an emotionally poignant representation of the lives of people who spend their time traveling instead of being at home.  Watch this totally new take on music videos along with a song that’s unlike anything else we’ve heard in a long time.

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