Daddy’s Groove at Lure Hollywood 3.14 (Review)


If you’ve never been to the ?Mega-Club of the Year?-winning Lure Nightclub in Hollywood, you are missing out on one of the best events in Los Angeles. The nightclub has consistently brought high-quality artists to a venue that is both expansive and intimate, delivering unique experiences every night. So when you pair Lure Hollywood with an unfailingly beautiful crowd and the Italian trio known as Daddy’s Groove, you get a night that is simply Stellar.

The night at Lure began with a brilliant opening set from Mixed Reactions, delivering hit after hit that put the packed audience in the perfect mindset to dance. Seamlessly spinning a range of songs from Nirvana to Kaskade, the set was a perfect balance of genres that got Lure’s dance floor filled to the brim.

After the rowdy set from Mixed Reactions, the Napoli trio came onto the stage. With lights aflutter and CO2 cannons blasting the dance floor in a mystical haze, Daddy’s Groove started with their hit ?Stellar?. The Italians had Lure Nightclub rocking and impressed the crowd with hits from Avicii, Alesso, and Congorock. Right at the peak of the night, Daddy’s Groove dropped their new track ?Vertigo? and sent the crowd into a massive frenzy. The track sparked a powerful energy and from that moment the Italians had proven they are a musical force to be reckoned with, leaving Lure’s club goers with a night that will not be forgotten.

Do yourself a favor and get Daddy’s Groove’s new track ?Vertigo?. Also, check them out on their American tour in Las Vegas tonight, or at multiple shows in Miami ? including David Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous. Be sure to check out the upcoming events for Lure Nightclub in Hollywood, and keep up to date with our weekly Prekend Roundup.

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