[Free Download] DEVolution “My Friends”

DEVolution’s “My Friends” deviates from the normal musical path we tread, but sometimes switch-ups are necessary.  This song is way more start your night/BBQ with your friends than it is go out and party.  BBC Radio 1 DJ and music connoisseur Annie Mac liked the track so much, that she chose it for the first 2013 release of her Free Music Mondays series.  The song itself is smooth and easy-going, with a Xylophone (yes, Xylophone) type synth that meanders pleasantly underneath melodic vocals.  It sets the perfect mood for the next time you and your friends are on your way to a hot summer beach day.  I could go on and on about the multitude of images this track conjures up, but instead I’ll just tell you to listen/download it below and visualize for yourself.

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