Flux Pavilion “One Two Three”

Anytime Flux Pavilion comes out with a new tune, count us in.  Flux has played a huge part in shaping the bass scene here in the states and his tunes have become anthems to millions of bass heads.  It’s really simple: he makes great stuff.  I mean when one of your songs is sampled by Kanye and Jay-Z, you’re making something special.  This free tune is off his upcoming EP Blow The Roof and is titled “One Two Three.”   It sounds like the glorious love child of dubstep and trap music.  It may not stick with you on first listen, but we’re sure it’ll grow on you.  Just imagine yourself in a crowd full of thousands of people with tangible excitement in the air because everyone is just excited as you are to listen to this kind of music.  It makes it a lot easier to hear how this song works, doesn’t it?  Grab your free copy from Flux’s website now and thank us later.

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