DJMIX Of The Day: DJ Shadow, All Basses Covered (The Infamous South Beach Set)


DJMIX Of The Day from our sister site goes to DJ Shadow: All Basses Covered (The Infamous South Beach Set, December 2012)

This mix easily takes DJMIX Of The Day if only for the amount of controversy surrounding it.  If you’re not already familiar, DJ Shadow was recently kicked off the decks during a Miami set because his set was “too future.”  This is that set.  DJ Shadow is a great DJ who is willing to push the envelope both technically and musically.  In our opinion, the fact that he was asked to stop his set is simply astounding, totally uncalled for, and if anything is the result of their bad booking.  Judge for yourself and let us know if his mix of everything from hip-hop to juke was too much.  Either way, it definitely deserves our pick for mix of the day.  Enjoy.

Stream it and/or download it over at here: DJ Shadow, All Basses Covered

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