BPM Exclusive: Vicetone Opens Up About Obama Song, Dance Music, & Future Plans

As the inauguration of the second term of our now 45th president gets underway, it’s worth noting that among the multiple hats Barack Obama wears, at least one is ?Progressive House Music Vocalist?. The preternaturally talented Dutch producers Vicetone released their ambitious project ?Hope? last year, which samples inspirational moments of Barack Obama’s victory speech among scorching synths and massive bass drops. They may even be the first Progressive House producers to transform a sitting president into a House Music phenomenon. Vicetone is already making a lot of noise in 2013, as well. January saw them remix the uber-popular Hook N Sling and NERVO track ?Reason?, a track so dear to Mim and Liv’s hearts that they reserve it for the end of their sets. They’ve re-worked Zedd’s ?Clarity?, Youngblood Hawke’s ?We Come Running?, and Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero’s ?Sparks?. Their original track ?Harmony? is of a production quality so high it’s been supported by some of Dance Music’s heaviest hitters. When it comes to learning to swim in this business, Vicetone has jumped right in, and in a matter of only a few short years, they’re prepared to win the medley relay in the summer Olympics.

Despite all this noise, Vicetone has yet to have a major headlining tour under their belt, or a substantial multi-track EP on Beatport. There are, of course, countless paths to success, and it seems, at least in the wild west of the Dance Music industry, that if producers want to play at the elite level, they need to evolve and get creative. The over-arching lesson from the Al Walser controversy (the unknown and untested ?producer? nominated for a Grammy alongside Guetta and Skrillex, and who ignited a firestorm of derision after a sloppy interview with the blog EDMsnob) is that if anyone offers a specific formula for DJ Rock-stardom, run the other way, as quick as you can and as fast as the wind. Vicetone is offering a different vision, one focused on the disciplined perfection of their production mettle. But they are outgrowing their cages, and it won’t be long before they let it all loose. I hit Ruben and Victor up to talk production, working with a partner, and the role of Dance Music in Politics. Read up!

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