[BPM Exclusive Download] Conspirator’s Remix of The Company We Keep’s “Right/Wrong” Should Not Be Missed

Conspirator are a band that just popped up on our radar and we’re impressed.  They’re essentially a four-piece band that makes melodic, bass-oriented music with big-room-like vocals and live instrumentation (keyboard synths, guitars, and drums).  The concept is not only intriguing, but seriously impressive because it takes a serious level of professionalism to pull off this level of production live (see the video below).  Needless to say, we’re excited about witnessing it live for ourselves.  Lucky for you, we’re giving away two tickets to one of their upcoming shows during their US tour.  We’ll let you know more details when the giveaway is open for everyone to try their luck.

The track we’re excited about and premiering is Conspirator’s remix of The Company We Keep’s “Right/Wrong.”  It’s an incredible mix of synths, vocals, drums, hard wobbles, and massive guitar riffs.  Their music is like the bastard love child of rock and dubstep.  It’s great.  We are lucky enough to have it as an exclusive download for you to enjoy.  Their entire album titled “Unleashed” is released today so if you dig the below the track, head over to iTunes to grab the entire thing for yourself.

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