Showtek & Bassjackers “Hey!” (Official Video)

Showtek is basically a legend in the Hardstyle scene.  However, as of late, he’s taken his production skills and applied them to Electro House songs.  He’s taken the somewhat Steve Aoki route by partnering with a number of other established artists within the genre and so far, it’s working.  Don’t fix something that’s not broken, right?  This time around he’s partnered with the amazing Bassjackers to make a song that will make everyone dance and love.  The video isn’t much more than shots of them in the studio and people completely losing it to their sets, but it works.  Most importantly, the song bangs.  It’s a mix of melodic bigger room sounds that then drop into classic 4/4 pounding goodness.  It’s out December 31st on Spinnin’ Records so you’ll have to wait for it until then.

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