Cazzette “Beam Me Up (Kill Mode)” (Official Video)

This Cazzette video is simply great.  It’s well shot, has a great story arc, and perfectly compliments the song.   The track is off their debut, six-track EP titled “Eject Pt. 1″ that comes out November 13th and has already garnered support from the likes of Guetta, Tiesto, & Thomas Gold.  Thank god it’s different because dance videos have been reduced shots of the DJ playing to a festival or big crowd.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times that it works and is fun to watch, but come on guys, have a tad bit of creativity to set yourselves apart.  Luckily, “Beam Me Up” has it in spades, following a similar look and storyline to the sci-fi movie District 9, except this time the aliens make people dance.  It’s a visual spectacle that displays the duos creativity and should entice you to see them live.  Now go watch/enjoy/dance.

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