Azari & III Record Release Party Recap

Incredible is a word I seldom use when describing music, but this is one of the only times I’ll make an exception.  Azari and III’s performance Tuesday evening at Dim Mak Studios in Hollywood was incredible.  If you’re not already familiar with the four Candians that make up this group, you better acquaint yourself quickly.  Their live set-up consists of the two front men singers, Starving Yet Full (SYF) & Fritz Helder, and two DJs, Dinamo Azari & Alixander III, but, more importantly, the sound that they emanate is something the likes of which I have never heard.  Their sound is a mix of old school New York house, R&B, and soul music dipped in a synth infused sauce that leaves you with only the best taste in your mouth and ears.  Their performance was captivating, groovy, and energy- filled in a way that only live performances can be.  SYF and Fritz even had choreographed dance routines and jumped into the crowd to pump everyone up.  It was literally that much fun.  Their new album titled “Azari & III” is out now on Dim Mak Records and deserves your attention, time, and money.  There’s a reason why they’ve been booked all over the world from the UK to Ibiza to LA and have been on rotation from the likes of Annie Mac to Boys Noize.  Innovative music like this doesn’t come around all the time, so be sure to get it now.

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