Dada Life Album Release Party Review

Last week LA was doing the Dada in a room filled with bananas, champagne, and people ready to lose it.  It was easily one of the best shows that have gone on this year.  Not only did Dada kill it (as per usual), but both openers, MakJ and Craig Williams, threw down killer sets to really get the night going.  For those of you not already in the know, Dada Life tweeted out that they would be having their album release party at Avalon in Hollywood last Tuesday and limited tickets were available for free.  Well, they were only free for 10 minutes, because they were totally gone after that.

Those lucky enough to witness it all were in for a real treat.  The production value that accompanied Dada Life’s show was stellar including real bananas, blow up bananas, blow up champagne bottles, smiley masks, and pillow fights.  Yes, pillow fights.  To say the night’s antics were crazy is not doing the antics justice.  On top of all of that, they played great music with tons of tracks, including all of their originals (“Kick Out The Epic Motherf*cker”, their Kaskade “Llove” remix, “Rolling Stone T-Shirt”, etc.) and a few other great tracks (“1234″ Spencer & Hill, “Reload” Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash, etc.)  Overall, it was an incredible night to kick off an incredible album by the crazy Swedish duo known as Dada Life.

Pick up the entire album from iTunes or Beatport.

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