BPM Exclusive: Datsik Interview

Our writer Jaime got a chance to sit down with basshead Datsik when he recently played in Gainesville, FL.  Check out the great interview below.

You began producing dubstep after seeing Excision play in 2008. What’s it like to now produce songs and play side-by-side with one of your greatest inspirations?

Jeff is a really good friend of mine, we both kind of came up around the same time. He was around a little longer than I was so it’s always cool to get in the studio with him and learn from each other. I think we’re both very grateful to have such similar situations at this time. When you have a friend who’s doing the exact same thing as you it makes it easy to relate.


You’ve also collaborated with some other pretty major artists like Bassnectar, Kill The Noise and Diplo. How does the collaboration process work, who initiates the projects and how do you manage to book studio time when everyone’s so busy with touring?

It all happens pretty naturally actually. A lot of us get booked for the same festivals and start chatting backstage and I’m like “let’s do this kind of track together,” and they’re like “let’s do it!” We kind of just go from there.

For the collaborations I did with Bassnectar, one was over the internet and the other one we were sitting in the same room. Each one is a bit different. The one with Kill The Noise was over the internet. I did a couple with Diplo, the first one I sent to him over the internet and for the second one I went and stayed with him at his house for a week and we just banged that one out. Every single one is a bit different and they all happen fairly naturally. Working with them was a total honor, they’re all amazing dudes.

Collaborations are always fun because you get to balance out what you both want in the track which can be tricky sometimes. It’s challenging but it’s always worth the challenge because when they’re done right they come out really cool.


I have to ask about Barely Standing with Diplo because it’s my favorite song from this summer. How did you guys find such a smooth balance between a moombahton beat and a dubstep-driven chorus?

We were in the studio and just sat down at our computers and banged out a million ideas. We basically combined the two ideas that seemed to work the best. We agreed we needed a vocal on the track and since Diplo has this endless list of contacts he literally just picked up his phone and five minutes later had Sabi in the booth.

It happened so quickly especially for me because I live in Canada and I cant just get a vocalist into the booth right away it doesn’t happen like that. But we’re in LA and he just made the call and instantly someone was in the booth. It was a really cool collaboration, we knocked it out in like two days which was great. I took the lead on all the bass and I implemented his ideas into what I was doing.


I know you’re from British Columbia so can you tell me a little about the electronic music scene over there? Is EDM taking over Canada the way it’s taking over the US?  

In Vancouver there’s a big scene and it’s the same in Kelowna where I’m from. I’m thankful to come from there with the whole club scene that gave me so many fans and so much support. It’s always been a really healthy, strong scene up there but at the same time I feel like it’s always been there. It’s part of who I am and who my friends are, it’s something I grew up with.

The Vancouver scene is growing and growing, even like dubstep and trap are getting big over there. It’s crazy how dubstep is taking over everything, even people my moms age know what dubstep is. It’s just crazy.


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