The Whip


When indie rockers and hipster technophiles paint their jeans on and hibernate in the studio, big things happen. Blending guitars, synths and pop chord progressions, this Manchester band sounds a bit like a New Order tribute band for the digital age. Crafting songs about the daily struggles of the search for freedom, these folks show their path with clever hooks, smooth progressions and brilliant string arrangements. ?Trash? is a pure dancefloor killer, with plenty of breaks and builds to get a festival going, while ?Save My Soul? is a more reflective impression, designed to inspire and ignite. At first glance, your ears tell you that you have heard these jams before, but there is more here than meets the ear. From power ballads to dynamic, hypnotic, synth-driven rock madness, the moods these guys create are enough to entice the Goth geek as well as the soccer mom. While others in this evolving genre have failed to leave you with anything other than an electronic mash up of melancholic throwback ’80s crap, the Whip whips mainstream synth rock back into the sound of the future. (Praxis)

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