Early on, it was pretty evident that Kaskade’s picturesque style of house music was destined to surface and shine for the masses to fall in love with. Everybody likes the bright lights, no matter how much they deny it, and on Kaskade’s fifth studio LP, Strobelite Seduction, he makes it all right for listeners to admit they crave the spotlight. It’s OK, reveal your inner emotions and unravel that naughty demon dying to get loose, as the powerful ?Angel On My Shoulder? gets you bouncing, prancing and joining the other freed heathens on the dancefloor.

I Remember
I Remember – Kaskade

San Francisco comes to mind after one listen to ?Back on You,? but other tunes offer visions of Chicago as well. Even though the words ?beautiful,? ?seductive? and ?graceful? seem commonplace when describing Kaskade’s sound on tracks such as ?Pose,? ?I Remember? and even the downtempo, ?Borrowed Theme,? it isn’t until ?One Heart? that you’ve truly experienced his signature Strobelite streaks and kaleidoscope of colors. (Marlon Regis)

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